March 29th, 2022

#55: Flow States with Bobby Lyte

News on March 29, 2022 from | Psychedelic Salon

We invited our friend Bobby Lyte to join us for an awesome conversation about flow states, focus, deep work, and fun. Bobby is a DJ, producer, software engineer, and the host of Flow State – a podcast to help you focus.

We discuss topics including the states of flow: Struggle, Release, Flow, Recovery; Engineering; Managing, and of course, Management.

“Should we be communicating all the time? Most workplaces today are essentially turning humans into message senders and receivers – which is terrible for productivity. We’re trying to solve complex problems. We need to focus and stay in a problem space to solve those problems, and the work environments are not helping us get there.” – Bobby Lyte @ 32:13

“Revisiting a previous thesis of mine that’s been established in the show: Management…” – Brad @ 34:04

“Your lack of planning is not my emergency.” – Joe Zap @ 38:06

“The temptation to multitask – I could get ahead a little bit if I just send this email while I drive and eat and read the newspaper at the same time.” – Kevin @ 40:30

Bobby Lyte online:

Flow State – Bobby Lyte’s Podcast to help you focus:

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Source: http://entheogenshow.com/podcast/2022/3/29/55-flow-states-with-bobby-lyte

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