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July 21st, 2018

Cheek Piercing Titanium Studs

Body Piercing Services in Geelong | Body Pleasure Piercing

Looking for reliable body piercing services? At Body Pleasure Piercing in Geelong, we know what we are doing. Give us a call on 0352290021 today.

Piercing Placements, Healing and Sizing | Urban Piercings

The anti-tragus is the fold of cartilage above your lobe and just opposite your tragus. This can be a problematic piercing so to counter this 1.2mm P.T.F.E with titanium balls is used.

Piercing | Shiva Piercings

Piercing. Here at Shiva Piercing studio, we offer a wide range of piercings including stretching and dermal anchoring. (Please note that we don't do genital piercings.) Prices liste

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