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August 26th, 2018

Darby Slick Music

Darby Slick | Biography & History | AllMusic

Darby Slick played guitar in the Great Society, the band his sister-in-law, Grace Slick, sang in before joining the Jefferson Airplane. He also wrote "Somebody to Love," which Grace Slick introduced into ...

Darby Slick - My Sister-In-Law Grace Slick - Famousinterview

Darby Slick Interview (My Sister-In-Law Grace Slick) Grand and Darby Slick began The Great Society at the start of the San Francisco music explosion in the summer of 1965.

Darby Slick - Wikipedia

Darby Slick would write other compositions like "Free Advice" which were largely influenced by Indian music that he would study after the band broke up. After The Great Society After Slick's time with the band he took an interest in Indian music. ...

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