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July 2nd, 2018

Katzen Body Modification

RFID Implantate - body-modification.org

Informationsseite über Bodymodification mit vielen Bildern, Studioliste, Schmuckbörse, Linksammlung, Onlineshop-Vergleich

The Enigma (performer) - Wikipedia

The Enigma (born Paul Lawrence) is an American sideshow performer, actor, and musician who has undergone extensive body modification, including horn implants, ear reshaping, multiple body piercings, and a full-body jigsaw-puzzle tattoo.

Bonsai Kitten

Introduction. For centuries, people in the West have marveled at the delicate beauty produced by Oriental artists and sculptors. From gardening to tattooing to dance and martial arts, these craftsmen have enthralled us with complex forms and simplistic perfection.

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