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July 27th, 2018

Moko The Art And History Of Maori Tattooing

Moko, The Art and History of Maori Tattooing: H.G. Robley ...

At last a book that shows the art of Maori tatooing in its full glory.Fantastic pictures of original Maori body art make this a "must-buy" for anyone interested in tattooing or the study of ancient cultures.Truly awesome.

The Meaning of Ta Moko - Maori Tattooing - Australian Museum

Ta Moko was like a history of a person's achievements and represented their status in their tribe. It was like a resumé. It also served as a reminder to people about their responsibility in life.

Ta Moko: The Art of Maori Tattoo: David Simmons ...

Ta Moko is an outstanding work of Maori scholarship. The art of Maori tattoo has always been regarded with fascination, and this was one of the first comprehensive books on the subject. The author, formerly ethnologist with the Auckland Museum, provides an examination of Maori moko in all its aspects - its historical develpment, tribal variations, design principles and social significance.

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