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June 26th, 2018

Psychedelic Frogfish

Psychedelic frogfish videos, photos and facts ...

The psychedelic frogfish is aptly named after its lurid colours and striped pattern. The psychedelic frogfish is the only known fish to ‘hop’ rather than swim, pushing off the sea floor using its leg-like fins and expelling water from its gills to propel itself forwards.

Newly discovered species | Arkive

Newly discovered species are species that are either new to science or sufficiently different to any other species previously described by scientists. Be one of the first to explore photos and learn facts about nature’s latest new discoveries.

Frogfish appears to walk in bizarre video | Daily Mail Online

The frogfish was filmed walking along the sea bed by Atsushi Sadai, 59, a business design consultant based in Sulawesi, Indonesia. '

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