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July 10th, 2018

Steve Haworth Body Modification

Steve Haworth

CREATION • MODIFICATION • EDUCATION Steve Haworth Modfather – Creator and Innovator of Subdermal Implants, Transdermals, Electrocautery Branding, Sensory Magnet Implants, Ear Pointing, Shaped Punches

Russ Foxx – Body Modification Artist

Dappled Copper Inlays Now Available! We now carry dappled copper plugs by HoleJoy custom jewellery! These beauties are hand-made right here in Canada!

Cry Baby – the right place for your future tattoo, your ...

Cry Baby Tattoo shop, l'endroit parfait pour votre future tattoo, piercing, modifications corporelles et bien plus ! Des événements et une zone vegan !

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