October 16th, 2018

Tom Hatsis – Microdosing, Magic and Psychedelic History

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Tom Hatsis is an intellectual, occultist, psychedelic user and advocate from Portland, Oregon. In the show, Joe and Tom talk about his new book about microdosing. Joe prepares listeners about the controversial topic, magick, which is highly discussed in the show. Witch craft, western shamanism, old religion and magick are all mentioned during the conversation. Tom is a coordinator for Sanctum Psychedelica, a psychedelic club in Portland.

3 Key Points:

  1. Tom’s book Microdosing Magic is a book of templates for people to fill in the blank according to what works for them
  2. Magic isn’t the ‘hocus pocus’ witchy stuff that people always assume, it’s actually mind hacking, reframing and neurogenesis, that every individual is born with the ability to tap into
  3. Magic is a great way to create containers to frame our psychedelic experiences

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Show Notes About Tom

Tom’s Book – Microdosing Magic: A Psychedelic Spellbook Tom thinks having a childlike wonder and being curious helped him write his book He has written 4 books, 3 have been in psychedelic topics Tom’s background – a part of the Roller derby background since 2005 His first book was called The Roller Derby: A Sensation that caused a Book, the Confessions of a Roller Derby Mascot. Then he got into psychedelic history and wrote The Witch’s Ointment, Psychedelic Mystery Traditions and his newest book, Microdosing Magic. Portland is a great place for the psychedelic renaissance

Microdosing Magic

Tom said we should be using psychedelics in a magical way Joe agrees saying when using psychedelics we should be flexible philosophically Joe mentions the Robert Anton Wilson reality tunnels We all have a B.S. (Belief System) and then reality tunnels are the marxist sunglasses and the capitalist sunglasses and feminist sunglasses, instead of having 40 glasses to see behind bias, we all have our own pair of shades Microdosing is a tool that helps people become childlike, more genius


Microdosing Magic is a book of templates for people to fill in the blank to what works with them Tom never tells people what to do with psychedelics, he is offering insight and techniques Using his own techniques, him and his partner are about to win a guinness world record “If microdosing is like a healthy diet and magic is like exercise, that’s great. But what happens when you put healthy diet with exercise? You have something far more powerful than those two things could have been by themselves. That’s how microdosing magic works.” Magic = mind hacking, re-framing and neurogenesis

The Four Gifts

Tom talks about ‘The Four Gifts’ in his book They make up the beginning of his personal magical system that he has cultivated over his lifetime Carl Sagan quote, “The cosmos are within us, we are a way for the universe to know itself” Tom agrees strongly with that saying, he thinks we are microdoses of that cosmic magic and from it, we’ve received 3 immaterial gifts, Intellect, Emotion and Will, however, due to our evolution in physical bodies, we’ve inherited a fourth gift, action The magical system is about aligning your intellect, emotion and will, so that when we take action, we are acting in pure magic Magic is super powerful, not something that happens at Disney World. It’s a very real thing that every individual is born with the ability to tap into Orenda – the magic that you are born with Microdosing Magic is Tom’s small contribution to bettering the world Joe says there are so many people that practice subtle magic and don’t even know it; in catholic religion, in yoga practice Tom has a friend who ‘doesn’t believe in magic’, who is a hardcore material reductionist, who has a ‘lucky hat’ Tom – “This isn’t for people with claws and fangs, magic is for anybody who recognizes their own power and wants to harness their power to make their lives and the world around them a better place” Neurogenesis, better firing, and re-framing happens in a person’s brain after consuming Psilocybin, Lions Mane and Reishi Tom says he was addicted to coffee, and after using Microdosing Magic, he hasn’t needed a cup of coffee on 8 months because of his new neural pathways Joe jokes about overdosing on coffee for a few months on his coffee addiction Tom jokes back that he’d just drink it out of the pot

Creative Genius

Dr. George Land study – 98% of 5 year old scored in the creative genius category in the same test that 32 year-olds only scored 2% The modern education system robs us of our creative genius that we all had when we were kids, but at no fault to the teachers. The education system, buys these education models that just don’t work Tom – “You have to use the internet wisely and not foolishly, to educate yourself and not de-educate yourself”

The Book Tour

Joe asks about the most interesting questions Tom has received on tour Most people ask about dose sizes and safety questions Tom explains that he gets nervous about certain questions because he isn’t a medical professional or a therapist Tom “If you wouldn’t take a psychedelic dose, don’t start microdosing”


Tom has been microdosing on and off for over 20 years “We didn’t call it microdosing, we called it being broke, we could only afford 1/8th of acid, so we split it up. We felt way more energy, I started writing way more songs, I couldn’t put my guitar down. It sparks that creativity” Joe says it’s never been a better time for the psychedelic and microdosing renaissance Cannabis is now legal in 13 states FDA just approved mushrooms for PTSD in Canada MDMA is in phase 3 testing Tom says people in Silicon Valley, and believes people in Congress and DC are microdosing, they just can’t talk about it He mentions a talk he just did in Salem, a very conservative place, and no one had any questions. And then after the talk, everybody came up to him privately and asked him their questions Tim Leary made a joke on Liberals not wanting to ‘risk face’ Joe comments on Tom’s book saying it was playful, inspiring, and not threatening like some magic can be Tom says we don’t have villages for support anymore, we have community which has replaced that Sanctum Psychedelia’s main focus is community building Tom uses an example of people going to Peru, taking ayahuasca, and because they don’t have that mystical framework, they come back to their regular lives and say “now what”? That’s why integration and community are so important Tom says he’d love to see ayahuasca and ibogaine clinics with all the great results people have received from their heroine or cigarette addictions Tom’s favorite presentation ever was Mark Haden’s blueprint on the future of psychedelics psychotherapy Mark Haden’s Presentation on Psycehdelics Mark Haden Psychedelic Reneissance

Cannabis and the War on Drugs

Tom likes to buy his cannabis directly from his farmer, he prefers to not have the government interfere He says Gene Simmons from KISS has been so anti cannabis and now all of a sudden is promoting cannabis Joe brings in the drug war issue, or the issue of people being put in jail for nonviolent crimes (cannabis) Tom brings in another issue, saying that if a person is charged for drugs at one point in time that later becomes legal, they aren’t allowed freedom because of the fact that they did the crime during the time where it was illegal Racism and the war on drugs really bothers Tom

Amanita and the True History of Christian Psychedelic History

Predominant Paradigm – the ‘Holy Mushroom’ Tom says there aren’t mushrooms in Christian art after doing the historical research Source He has debunked the Amanita Muscaria Santa Claus connection Psychedelic Santa Debate with John Rush The Mushroom in Christian Art: The Identity of Jesus in the Development of Christianity People say the Amanita Muscaria and Santa Claus outfit are the same colors, but Santa’s outfit comes from the American Flag Carl Ruck Dionysus in Thrace: Ancient Entheogenic Themes in the Mythology and Archeology of Northern Greece, Bulgaria and Turkey Psychedelic Christianity – a scholarly debate a scholarly debate pt. 2

Final Thoughts

Tom – “Psychedelics are an excellent way to change your mind and yourself” Magic is a great way to create containers to frame difficult psychedelic experiences. It’s about putting new frames on your reality


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About Tom


Thomas Hatsis is an author, lecturer, and historian of witchcraft, magic, Western religions, contemporary psychedelia, entheogens, and medieval pharmacopeia. In his spare time he visits rare archives, slings elixirs, and coaches roller derby.

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