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June 28th, 2018

Transcendental Journeys

Transcendental Meditation technique - Wikipedia

The Transcendental Meditation technique or TM is a form of silent mantra meditation, developed by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.The meditation practice involves the use of a mantra and is practiced for 15–20 minutes twice per day while sitting with one's eyes closed.

HÜMÜH Clear-Mind Buddhism - Transcendental Awareness Institute

Modern Western tradition of Buddhism, founded 1992 by Maticintin, Wisdom Master. Learn Clear-Mind Vision to live in an illuminated state of consciousness...

David Lynch Is Back … as a Guru of Transcendental ...

Inside David Lynch ’s bunker of a studio in Los Angeles, a small crowd of happy people gathered on a late summer morning to meditate and learn about the nature of consciousness. The dozen or so young actors and musicians and others were recent initiates of Transcendental Meditation, a trademarked ...

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